Alan M. Hirahara, MD, FRCSC
Orthopaedic SurgeonSpecialist in Sports Medicine

JOSKAS - Treatment of Sports Injuries in Elite Athletes

Knees: Anterolateral Ligament (ALL)
OrthoBiologics: Platelet-Rich Plasma
Ultrasound: Injections, Surgery
Sapporo, Japan

Japan Arthroscopic Knee Sports Orthopaedic Society
JOSKAS 7th Annual Meeting

Presentations in Sapporo, Japan about the latests treatments in sports medicine, including PRP (ACP) with ultrasound, the anterolateral ligament, internal bracing, and other new ideas

1) Luncheon Seminar – Treatment of Sports Injuries in the Elite Athlete

  • Use of ACP in Sport Medicine
  • Internal Bracing for Ligament Repair and Concepts in Early Rehabilitation

2) Evening Seminar – ACP in Surgery and Sports Medicine